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Biobrain is a gigantic networked brain of biological species

The species include all the biological and informational species in the universe. 

They include humans, dogs, microbes, computers, hard-disks, memory devices, and robots. The brain is linked by any information media such as internet, wireless brain-brain interface, phones, letters, visuals, or speeches.

However, its most likely link is through efficient computers and brain-human interfaces. BioBrain is different from other gigantic brain concept in the sense that, it is just another biolayer or bioonion

It is not novel nor special. The nodes happen to be humans making up a great mind (Biomind). The mind has emotion, spirit, will, logic, insight, and knowledge. 

As a group of humans, machines, animals and various media. Biobrain's main philosophy has that life is an ultimate information processing object as a whole and biobrain is the apex of life.

The ultimate organism of the universe
Biobrain is the ultimate organism in the universe. It is a complex network of biological information objects
Biobrain is the brain of the biouniverse.
Human beings will become a form of biological information processing object as they evolve. The future humans will be more of a network information processing organism than we think of now, an animal with two legs and hands.

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